Thursday, 22 August 2013

Name of Product

Qalamiy TM

What the Product is?

  • It is a pencil or a pen grip device.
  • Qalamiy ™ is a low-tech aid.
  • Qalamiy supported by a study of 38 professional educators in early special education
  • Its able to help children in Special Education Learning Problems to write better.
  • Qalamiy ™ design is an adaptive tool that combines elements of ergonomic and massage therapy to help children with special needs to hold stationery towards dynamic tripod grip types.
  • This tool lead-position thumb and forefinger by two finger-shaped casing which is two basins suitable to accommodate the three finger grip together on adaptive dynamic tripod grip is similar. Dynamic tripod pencil grip is a mature grip promoted by educators and members of occupational therapy.
  • Qalamiy ™ has a section in which the dimensions (body) has been created to fits comfortably in the palm of the hands that help users maintain open space while holding a writing instrument.
  • Qalamiy surface also has a lot of groove nozzle which can massage the palm and smooth the blood circulation at palm area while user write with Qalamiy ™.
  • Qalamiy been tested to forty special education students with learning disabilities form first level who have problem to hold a pencil and to write.

Who use it?

  •     Disabilities people who have trouble in writing
  •     Individuals who suffering from a mild stroke
  •     Children with cerebral palsy

The actual benefit to the child

  • Built with an ergonomic element and therapy massage that will help students with learning  disabilities who have trouble in writing.

  • It is a low-tech device which is affordable to all level of society.

Who will buy it
  • Individuals who suffering from a mild strok that makes it difficult for them to grasp stationery when writing
  • Students who suffered with hemiplegik
  • Autisme children learning to write
  • Children with special needs. Usually babies who born prematurely

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